Refresh Your Mattress With a Professional Deep Clean

Carpet & Fabric Care offers a fast and effective mattress cleaning service for homes, hotels and guest houses throughout Reading, Oxford, Newbury, Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and Henley. All work is carried out at your home or business address, so there's no need to worry about the inconvenience of being without your mattress.

Our expert cleaning techniques and industry leading equipment removes dirt, dust mites and other allergens, leaving a fresh and hygienic mattress and treats hard to remove stains to leave as clean, fresh and more comforting mattress as possible.

The benefits of our mattress cleaning service

Whilst dust mites are not actually harmful to most people, their microscopic cast skins and faeces are a major constituent of household dust. This dust can trigger respiratory complaints and the removal of this dust from the mattress cover is helpful, especially when combined with our 'Mattress Medic' treatment. Call us for more details.